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The Lap & Lane Training Programme

Private Lane Sessions for Swim Training and Skills Coaching.

Below, learn what to expect, what skills are learned, and the grades and lanes explained.

Professional training and skills coaching to suit all levels and abilities. See below to get an idea of the lane that might best suit you. Our experienced coaches will help you bring your swim skills to the next level.

Coach Led & Supported 

Our sessions are led by coaches that will direct, guide and challenge in a week by week structured programme. Our experienced and qualified coaches will support and encourage as you work through learning new and advanced swimming skills. They themselves are currently in training for various efforts, and so can relate strongly to all the elements and challenges of lap and lane training. 

What to Expect Section

Below is a guide to the levels and what goes on in each lane. If after reading, you are still unsure of your lane, give us a call and we will guide you through it. You can join the lane that best suits where you are right now and progress as your skills and distance improve. Don’t worry, you can change lanes easily if you choose one that isn’t right.

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Programme Stages


There are four lanes in the pool. Each lane works to cater for swimmers depending on their current abilities, skill levels and goals, and is based on the distances they wish or aspire to swim. 

Where to Begin

Choose the lane according to where you feel you are right now with your swimming skills. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure. People move up and down lane levels regularly, so the flexibility is there to work with your coach and join the level that is right for you. 

Assessment and Goals

At your first session you will be assessed and consulted with by your coach, and you will be given your best starting lane. Sessions are held in 4 separate lanes. Your lane based is based on your current abilities, where you are now, and working towards your swimming goals and what you want to achieve.

The Skills of Lap & Lane Training

What You'll Learn

Lap & Lane swimming offers a wide variety of skills to develop and improve. Your coach will work with you to identify the big and small changes you can work on for growth and improvement.

  • Balancing alternating arm and leg actions
  • Bi-lateral breathing -Advanced
  • Direction Changes
  • Distance Improvement
  • Efficiency and timing
  • Endurance Development
  • Lane Rules - Lane Discipline – Order,
  • Direction & Overtaking
  • Managing Acceleration
  • Pacing – Management
  • Propulsion for Front-crawl, Back-crawl,
  • Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Resistance Reduction – Techniques
  • Rotation – Horizontal and Longitudinal Axes
  • Sculling – Feet First & Prone & Supine
  • Advanced Treading Water
  • Sequences
  • Somersault and Rolling
  • Speed Development
  • Stamina Development
  • Starts & Diving Technique – Pushing Off Alternatives
  • Streamlining Turns & Gliding
  • Stroke Technique – Advanced & Efficient
  • Technique Efficiencies
  • Transition Techniques
  • Terminology – Learning & Understanding
  • Training Clock – Use of & Management
  • Training Competencies
  • Tumble Turns
  • Undulation and kicking

Lane 1 - The opening level lane in our Lap & Lane Programme.

For People Joining the Programme at Entry Level

This is the natural starting place for most of our swimmers that want to get back to regular swimming or those that have decided to take their swimming to the next level, whether for leisure and recreational competency or beginning competitive or sporting efforts. We will focus on stroke development, drills to master proper technique and build up on swimming distance – fitness, and endurance. You will be amazed how quickly your strength and endurance can improve.

Skills and Competencies

This lane suits leisure or recreational swimmers that want to improve their technique, build up their fitness or just find a new way of exercising and enjoying an activity. 

Lane 1 also caters for those who finished our Adult Learn to Swim Programme (Level 6), who have found a love of water and would like to improve beyond the basics and take their swimming skills much further. 

This lane will cater for competent leisure and recreational swimmers or those beginning competitive efforts.

  • Stroke Development
  • Bi-lateral Advanced Breathing
  • Lane Discipline – order, direction and overtaking rules
  • Learning Basic Technique Drills
  • Improving all four strokes
  • Improving Distance
  • Pacing Management
  • Building Up Fitness
  • Using Pool Equipment and Swimming Aids
  • Understanding Terminology and Timing (use of a clock)
  • Maximise Stroke Efficiency
  • Swimming up to 1km distance

Follow on Courses from This Level:

Lap and Lane 2

Lane 2 - Moving up a level to longer distances and skill proficiency.

For Whoever This is For

built themselves up beyond basic swimming fitness levels. This lane will train distance swimming, focusing on drills, but also endurance. This is the typical lane for priming oneself for distance swimming or competitive environments. Each week new elements will be introduced into the session to further your development. This lane will also suit introductory training for Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlons and open water swimming competition. 

Skills and Competencies

Swimming for fitness, or those who are already swimming regularly and have built an ability to swim over 1km distance during a 1-hour session. This lane will cater for up to 1.5km distance with strong focus on drills, but also building more endurance. 

  • Distance Improvement
  • Understanding Swimming Terminology, use to timing (clock)
  • Introduction of more Advanced Technique Drills
  • Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Building up Endurance
  • Building on basic skills – sculling
  • Developing Stamina
  • Variety of technique, speed and distance
  • Correct use of swimming equipment and swimming aids
  • Swimming up to 1.5km
  • Learning Basic Open Water Skills. 

Follow On Courses From This Level:

Lap and Lane 3

Lane 3 - An increase in distance, intensity and advanced skill set

For Whoever This is For

For advanced swimmers with high fitness levels, usually coming from a competitive environment, Triathlons, Sprint Triathlons, Olympic Triathlons, Open Water Swims and Competitive Races - that can swim demanding distance within a one-hour session. A weekly focus on development of advanced techniques and skills, speed, endurance – with a strong focus on a specific new element each week.

Skills and Competencies

For advanced swimmers who will cover up to 2km to 2.5km distance in a one hour session. Sessions will focus on a wider variety of elements – skills, drills, technique, speed, endurance, but also healthy inter-competition between lane swimmers. 

  • Propulsion for all 4 strokes
  • Efficiency and Timing
  • Endurance Development
  • Further Technique drills and skills
  • Sequences
  • Undulation and kicking
  • Swimming up to 2/2.5km
  • Improving body balance and rotation
  • Building on to improve your own pace
  • Healthy Lane Competition
  • Improving Stamina
  • Maximise Stroke Efficiency 

Follow On Courses From This Level:

Lap and Lane 4 - Masters

Lane 4 - Masters - An advanced level for experienced distance swimmers.

For Whoever This is For

Long term - experienced and long-distance swimmers from competitive and endurance environments and a swimming background that trains intensively for Competitive Races and also those taking it to the level of Half and Full Ironman distance races.

This lane is for highly accomplished swimmers that want to intensify, improve and modify their current skills, performance and endurance. 

Skills and Competencies

This Lane will accommodate people preparing themselves for long swimming challenge (2km, 3km, 4km, 5km or 6km swims), or long distance triathlons – half or full Ironman. This session will be 2 hours long and we will cover up to 5km distance. We will introduce different type of sessions week by week, to make sure variety of drills, technique, speed, endurance, open water drills and skills are covered each week. 

  • Importance of all four strokes
  • Building up distance and speed
  • Bringing Basic Skills to further level
  • Advanced Stamina Development
  • Importance of Hydration and Nutrition
  • Improving Open Water Distance Swimming
  • Healthy Competition not just between lane swimmers but also with yourself
  • Strength Exercise to Improve Technique
  • Individual Feedback

Follow on Courses From This Level:

You’ve reached the pinnacle!

Questions we get asked a lot…

I don’t think I’m fast enough to become an Advanced or Master Swimmer!

Swim coaches hear this all the time. But how fast you are right now is not important. At every swimming grade are swimmers who are where you are now, or who were where you are and have improved. Don’t let ideas that you are not fast enough stop you from getting the best out of yourself. You don’t need to be super-fast, be in great shape, or currently be a competitive swimmer. Our coaches will adapt and cater to your current level and move you forward at a comfortable and progressive pace.

I’m an experienced Triathlete or Iron Man – why should I join?

Even world-class triathletes join Advanced and Master swim sessions because the best way to improve the swim portion of your race is to train with other swimmers and with the observation of an experienced coach. None of us are perfect, and the only way to learn is with coaches and other swimmers. Our master coaches will help you to improve many elements of your technique and improve interval training.

What can I expect during the Lap and Lane coaching session?

To be welcomed into an environment of Coaching, guidance, encouragement and Support. Why? To improve skill, speed, technique, endurance, fitness, and quality coaching. Taking your swimming to the next level.

Are most of the swimmers coming from competitive backgrounds?

Not at all! Most of our swimmers do it to improve fitness, improve stroke and technique and to benefit from the motivation and instruction your coach provides. People join for various reasons and in general to improve their swimming ability and technique.

What happens if I’m going to miss a date?

On a future week, simply double up on your session time – i.e. instead of doing a 1-hour session, do a 2- hour session. We want you to get the full value of your booking but please note, credits or refunds are not possible for missed sessions. This is because all the costs associated with running a course need to be met regardless of whether people make all their booked classes or not.

What do our customers say?

If you like swimming but find it boring on your own come to these sessions, great coaching with a friendly group of people. There is a lane to suit whatever distance and ability you have but it's mostly about enjoying swimming.
Gemma Martin - Athy, Co. Kildare
Can’t recommend Zuzana and the team highly enough. Top class coaching delivered in a fun environment really helped me improve my technique and overall swimming ability.
Stephen O’Neill - Maganey, Co. Carlow


All our Courses have been specially designed by the Swimtastic team and we are affiliated with; Swim Ireland, Water Safety Ireland, STA (UK), and Birthlight (UK).

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