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Swimtastic Terms and Conditions

All patrons attending a Swimtastic course must agree to our terms and conditions. Failure to abide by these may result in a customer being requested to discontinue their course. Swimtastic is under no obligation to provide a refund for any outstanding sessions in such instances. 

1. Bookings and Payments 

Swimtastic lessons are booked and paid for in blocks. Our programmes are a continuous journey of learning that run throughout the year, except for most school or bank holidays (unless otherwise stated on our timetables). Each term is paid for separately. The full amount is required in advance. It is not possible to reserve a place on a course until payment has been made. 

We offer the below payment options: 

• Online
• Phone

If the course is being paid for by someone other than yourself, you are responsible for informing that person of the payment policies and re-booking deadlines etc.

Please note that in the interest of the Health and Safety; Swimtastic does not accept cash payments at course venues.


2. Priority Re-enrolment Offers

After the mid-way point during a term, we send priority re-enrolment email offer to customers. This means that all our current customers will be provisionally allocated a place on the next term before bookings are opened to the public. 

It is vital that you notify us of your intention to continue with us or finish taking part in our classes. After this deadline any places not accepted by our current customers will then be put online for sale. Failure to notify us of your intention to continue into the next term may result in you losing out on your place. If you contact us after the deadline for re-enrolment and your course is fully booked, we will do our best to find you an alternative day and time. However, where this is not possible you will be placed on our cancellation list and contacted if a space does become available. 

3. Refunds and Missed Classes 

Credits or refunds or payment transfers are not available for missed classes or where swimmers stop coming to their sessions. We regret that we cannot issue refunds or credits once a course has commenced. 

This is because all the costs associated with organising, staffing and running a course must be met regardless of customer attendance.

Once a space on a course is booked, we cannot issue refunds within 7 days of the course starting. Any refunds processed will incur a €13.50 administration fee.

Consistency is important when learning – we encourage all swimmers to attend lessons each week. We are unable to facilitate missed lessons. Please contact your teacher directly if you cannot make a class.

4. Course and Class Times 

We endeavour to keep class times consistent from term-to-term. Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee this. A minimum of 6 bookings is required for a course to proceed. Course numbers can fluctuate between terms. If class numbers become too small for the course to go ahead, we will strive to find a suitable alternative for those affected. We will notify you of the change as soon as possible. 

Our schedules are subject to change pending final course participant numbers. If there are any changes, we will offer an alternative course (where available) or provide a full refund. 

5. Course Cancellations 

In the rare event that a venue becomes temporarily unavailable, Swimtastic will try its best, where possible, to re- schedule your lesson in the first instance. In this case Swimtastic is not responsible for any travel expenses incurred. If we are unable to re-schedule and should we have to cancel a lesson altogether, we will issue a credit against the fees for the next term or credit your card. If a credit is applied on a card transaction, normal banking procedures allow for that credit to appear in your account after 3-5 working days. 

If a venue becomes unavailable on a long-term basis (in excess of three weeks), on public safety, health or other grounds outside our control (not including operational issues with the venue), then we cannot be responsible for providing any further lessons to you during that time. 

In the unlikely event of this occurring and where it is not feasible to reschedule the classes, we will do our best to either refund the unused balance of your course fees or offer credit for future courses. 

If you are an existing customer and you cancel a booking for the next course at any time after the re-enrolment date has passed and 7 days prior to the course commencing, we will issue a refund minus €13.50 which consists of a €10 administration charge and €3.50 booking charge. Swimtastic is under no obligation to refund any part of the course fee. 

If you are a new customer and you cancel 7 days prior to the start date we will issue a refund minus €13.50 which consists of a €10 administration charge and €3.50 booking charge.This is because all the costs – venue hire, teacher time, insurance, administration, etc. – must be met regardless of attendance.  If less than 7 days or once a course has started, we regret that we cannot issue refunds or credits. 

6. Adverse Weather

Swimtastic is not obliged to provide a refund for lessons which may be missed due to local adverse weather conditions when the programme venue and its surroundings are safe and accessible. Regrettably, we are unable to reschedule lessons or offer refunds in cases where adverse conditions local to yourself prevent you from attending a scheduled lesson. 

If Swimtastic must cancel lessons due to adverse weather, we will endeavour to reschedule the class. If this is not possible, we will issue a credit against your next term’s fees or credit your card. 


7. Video and Photography

Photography of children in public is a very delicate matter. Due to Child Protection Policy you are NOT allowed to take pictures before, after or during classes. Please respect the privacy of others. 

Swimtastic forbids the reproduction of any part of our curriculum in any form, including online, DVDs, audio, photographs and other mediums. Anyone suspected of repeatedly recording or photographing the lessons with the intent of publication will be requested to stop filming and discontinue the course. 

All Swimtastic photography, logos, illustrations and lesson plans are the copyright of Swimtastic. Any reproduction of the same without our written agreement will be regarded as being in breach of our copyright and appropriate measures will be taken. 

Swimtastic cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties. This excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this section headed “Video and Photography” by any party. 

Parents or guardians who are worried that their child(ren) may be in a photograph or video taken by another customer have the right to ask to view that photograph or video and for it to be deleted if their child is in the shot. 

8. Valuables and Jewellery 

All property left inside or outside the venue is left at your own risk. This includes all property left in changing rooms, in the sports hall or in entrance foyer, including prams. Swimtastic cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions. Most of our venues do provide changing room facilities. However, some may have lockers. These will require either a lock or a coin. Make sure you have either/or with you so that your belongings remain secure. 

9. Medical Conditions 

You will be asked to disclose any existing medical conditions for you or your child (the relevant swimmer) when booking. Should your you or your child have, or develop, any known or suspected medical condition, please consult your doctor before bringing them to a Swimtastic session. Please also inform Swimtastic by either email or telephone. All information will be kept strictly confidential. 

10. Withdrawal of Service

Swimtastic, in our sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse, suspend or revoke service to any client who is in breach of our terms of service, does not follow the rules or whose behaviour is unreasonable and disturbs the use and enjoyment of others, including staff. 

12. Teachers 

In most instances, you will have the same teacher every week throughout a programme term. However, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. On occasion, your teacher may not be able to take a class due to circumstances including, but not limited to, illness or annual leave. In these instances, we will arrange for another teacher to take over the class. We cannot give advance warning of when this might happen. However, rest assured that all our courses are led by fully trained teachers. The quality of your lesson will in no way be affected by the change in teacher. 

13. Exclusion of Liability 

In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by the instructor(s), Swimtastic or employees, the participation of you, your spouse/partner, child or those in whose care you have placed your child for the purpose of attending or observing a Swimtastic session is done so entirely at your and their own risk. 

14. Changes to Terms and Conditions 

We may update these terms and conditions from time to time. We will send you either an updated version of this document or a notification of changes. You are free to reject these changes. However, we would ask you to notify us in writing of your non-acceptance within 14 days of receipt. If you do not give such notice, the changes will become effective and your existing agreement with Swimtastic will be subject to the updated terms and conditions. 

15. Data Protection and Online Security 

In order to book a Swimtastic course you must register your details and those of your child/children with us. These will include your real name, mobile and landline phone numbers, email address, home address, emergency contact details, your child’s date of birth and any relevant conditions that could affect you or your child whilst participating in a Swimtastic programme. The names of you or your child/children and their ages or your due date will be displayed on our class registers in order to be used by our teachers to help tailor our classes to the individual needs of our customers. These registers are not visible to other participants. 

Please be assured that we will not share this data with any other third party other than those required to process your booking or where we are legally required to do so. 

By providing us with an email address you are agreeing to receive communication from us by email. You can choose to unsubscribe to marketing emails at any time. 

On very rare occasions we may be obliged to disclose your personal information to third parties: 

Where we are legally required to disclose your information.
To assist fraud protection and minimise credit risk. 


16. Complaints Procedure 

We hope you will be delighted with our service but if you are at all unhappy please follow our complaints procedure: 

Speak to the teacher or telephone the Swimtastic office. An office team member will try to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. 

If the response is not satisfactory, please email a written complaint to splash@swimtastic.ie and we will strive to resolve any issues you may have. 

17. Booking Levels

Our priority is our swimmer’s safety. Please ensure you book the right level for you or your child’s abilities. If an incorrect level is booked we are under no obligation to move the child/adult to a different level as places are limited and courses numbers are capped for the comfort and safety of all of our swimmers. If we have a swimmer booked in to the wrong level, Swimtastic, on the grounds of health and safety, reserve the right to offer an alternative level for the swimmer based on their abilities. If the level offered does not suit the swimmer, Swimtastic reserve the right to revoke the course booking.