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Junior Swimming Academy

Swimming and water safety lessons for 5 to 13 year old girls and boys.

A complete curriculum that takes children from novice to accomplished swimmer, providing a deep understanding and enjoyment of the water along the way.

Our unique approach to swimming tuition for juniors provides a focus not only on swimming skills but also on water safety and rescue. The programme uses a progressive level system that continually builds water confidence and water safety knowledge. Later on we also develop awareness and ability around rescue. We mix learning, practice and assessment in a fun and caring environment, gradually developing their water skills, including distance, breathing and stroke range. 

Each child receives a downloadable commemorative certificate after each level, adding to their personal achievements.

Learn with Swimtastic

A Lifelong Safety Skill
Water safety and survival skills are things we believe every child should learn. Our courses teach safety on rivers, lakes, sea and farms.

Great Exercise
Swimming is a healthy activity for children. Supervised by supportive teachers, children become more active at a pace that suits them, developing a positive attitude towards exercise.

Grows Confidence
A child may be nervous in the beginning. But their confidence and esteem soon grows. This will help them in other situations such as new school group settings.

Builds Social Skills
Your child will be learning in a fun group environment, improving their social skills outside of school as they meet others with similar interests.

Happy Children
Swimming creates endorphins, helping to burn off energy. Once a child is comfortable in the water, swimming is among the best forms of fun there is.

Cognitive Development
According to studies, swimming helps children develop their mind/body connection. This, in turn, significantly helps improve brain and emotional development.

Continuous Growth
Week on week your child will build their skill set, soon becoming a competent swimmer anywhere – holidays, pools, rivers and lakes, and maybe even the sea!

Support at Every Step
Don’t worry if your child is nervous or doesn’t have experience. Our teachers will be with them all the way, making it easy and fun.

Caring Teachers
We are not just swimming teachers. We are mums, dads, aunts and uncles. We take the caring element of our role very seriously. We want our students to enjoy learning.

A Family Swim Club
We provide courses for all the family. We get to know our swimmers really well. Our swimmers progression and enjoyment are at the heart of what we do.

What's Involved...

Sessions are fun and supportive. We will develop your child’s knowledge, skills and safety awareness. Our teachers are patient and professional, working with your child to encourage them to learn and enjoy the process.

Teachers follow a professionally prepared programme. Groups are small with a comfortable teacher to pupil ratio.

At the pool
Each weekly session lasts 40 minutes but please allow time in your schedule for changing before and after. Our classes have drop and go policy. Groups are small and capped at 9 places. After your 40-minute session – we require children to vacate the pool to accommodate the next group.

What does my child bring?
Swimwear, hat, goggles, towels and toiletries are all that are required.
We provide any additional swimming materials needed.
We provide you with full instruction on how to prepare before you start, so don’t worry; it’s nice and easy.

Course Breakdown
Each course consists of 8 weekly sessions. Sometimes the 8 weeks are broken by breaks for holidays.
We run 5 courses (5 terms) per calendar year.

Follow on Courses
At the end of each term, swimmers will be offered priority places via email in the following term you are progressing into before bookings open to the public - These offers stay active for up to 7 days during which time you can secure your place through your user account. 

After completing a course a personalised certificate of completion for the attending swimmer can be accessed and downloaded from your swimtastic user account.

Booking Information

Swimtastic User Account If you are a new customer we will ask you to set up a user account. A user account is necessary to book a course. Once created you can use it to see course attendance and progression, purchase history, certificates and more.

When booking a new course we will collect all the details of those attending the course. 

Booking more than 1 course
It’s easy book more than one course. Just go through the process and after you add a course to your cart, you’ll be asked if you’d like to book another.

Follow on Course Offers 
To avail of a priority place offer in the next term you must book it through your user account within the specified time to secure your place.

Swimtastics Junior Academy Curriculum

The programme is all about our teachers working alongside with your child to teach them confidence and skills.                                                                                    

Our Junior Academy provides a progressive level curriculum which take young swimmers from beginners to advanced levels. To share our love of water we’ve designed the programme to be highly accessible and allow for easy and steady progression for children of all ability. It’s done through fun, water games, sequences of play, but it is highly structured for progression. The weekly sessions follow a structured session by session and term by term plan. These plans are managed by your teacher and designed for your child’s comfort and to progress children at a comfortable pace. 

As skills build with each level of the curiculum it is important that each student has met criteria so that he or she can progress to the next course level safely. The programme skills and abilities our teachers check for at each level can be found under 'learn more’ below.

What do our customers say?

I have three children with Swimtastic, beginning with the Toddler up to the Junior program. Over the last year my eldest little girl has become so confident and is enjoying herself in the junior classes. Which is what it’s all about. Swimtastic are so friendly, accommodating, and responsive to queries. We think these are super lessons for children of all ages.

Patricia Troy, Portlaoise

Our boys just completed their second term with Swimtastic, and they love it. Amanda and Zuzana are amazing with the children and create a really calm, supportive and relaxed environment for learning. They are always so enthusiastic and positive, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Looking forward to the next term. The boys love their swimming classes.

Sarah Corcoran-Moran with Ferdia and Naoise, Athy

Our daughter Aeda has just completed 2 courses of lessons with Swimtastic and enjoyed every second of her time in the water. The teachers are amazing. We’ve seen heaps of progress over the duration of the 2 courses and we now have a water confident Seahorse! We’ll definitely be enrolling for a 3rd course and would recommend Swimtastic to anyone considering lessons.

Karen Dolan with Aeda, Tullamore

Need to know more?


All our courses have been professionally and especially designed by the Swimtastic team. Our courses have the approval of our affiliates; Swim Ireland, STA (UK) and Birthlight.

A family swim club

At Swimtastic we pride ourselves on providing swimming programmes for all ages and abilities.