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Adult Water Confidence Course

For adults nervous or fearful of water

Begin your journey to being confident while in water and prepare for eventually learning to swim

Swimming has many benefits, but if you, like so many others, have a personal reason that prevents you from enjoying the activites, the health benefits or the pleasures that water offers ... then this is the perfect course for you. 

We’ve helped countless people overcome their personal barriers and prepared them for their learn-to-swim journey. (Many of whom have become accomplished swimmers! )

Whether your feelings are intense or just mild, it’s important to know that it is totally possible overcome the anxieties and to get to a point where you are confident in the water. 

This course is a complete introduction for non-swimmers to the aquatic environment where we focus on gradually building your trust and confidence. We do this through expert know-how and care. Taking it slow and steady we gently help learners relax, beginning at the pool side and always in shallow water (where your feet can touch the ground!). Then we introduce and guide you through introductory elements such as leaving go of the pool side, developing a feeling of being in control, moving about, and getting comfortable with water on your face and even floating.

Take the first step - it’s actually much easier than you might think - and together let’s go from apprehension and avoidance to actually enjoying being in the water.


Learn with Swimtastic

Your Safety & Comfort
So all our teachers are qualified and experienced lifeguards that stay with students in the water throughout the class. Tuition only takes place in the pool’s shallow end, with a careful and gentle pace that is still progressive and goal oriented. No-one is judged, no-one is pressured and no one gets left behind. No worries.

A little courage from you. A lot of care from us.
Don’t worry; our teachers are highly experienced and carefully trained to help people overcome their fears and apprehensions around water, pools, and swimming. An atmosphere of friendliness, understanding and support is always maintained and there is never any competition, pushiness, or judgement. Remember - everyone present is there for the same reasons. 

The Swimtastic “Learner First” Method
Deciding to develop water confidence as an adult is a big step. There can be a lifetime of urges, instincts and beliefs that need to be challenged and it’s important that this happens at an individual’s own pace. Sometimes this can be slow but building trust is foremost. We always encourage a learner to progress only when ready, which in turn leads to a newfound healthy relationship with water.

Your In-pool Teacher & Method
Instructors’ tutor and demonstrate right alongside you in the water which is a more effective and rewarding experience than ‘pool bank’ tuition. You’ll be consistently taught by the same teacher each week and this helps us become familiar with each learner individually. This approach helps students feel as relaxed and as safe as possible.

Supportive, Social and Friendly
Everybody in your group is in the same boat. Your small group of co-learners are participating for very similar reasons to yourself. This common understanding fosters empathy and support with no pressure. It’s also great fun to get out and about, be active and meet new people and friends. 

Your Success is Ours
The satisfaction and joy a person feels at overcoming their own barriers and gaining newfound water confidence and freedom is infectious. And when it’s an adult that has wrestled for years it’s extra special. We take pride in giving people new skills that will make their world a bigger wetter place and with a great track record of success stories - it’s an easy job to love. 

First Steps
We are always amazed at the number of people coming to us who genuinely believe they have a huge barrier in learning to swim, but are then moving around the pool on their own, after only a few short lessons. Our water confidence course feeds directly into our adult learn-to-swim programmes for those who wish to continue in their new aquatic journey.

We’re a Specialist Family Business
We’re an Irish born and bred business with values to match. Servicing the Leinster midlands, we work hard working with people of all abilities and none. We get to know people, provide a personal touch and operate with as much understanding as possible.

What's Involved...

Classes are relaxed and designed to get you moving in water at a pace that suits you. Our teachers are patient and supportive.

We use a professional course plan which specially designed to gain water confidence and begin water traversal safely. 

At the pool
Each weekly session lasts 45 minutes but please allow time in your schedule for changing before and after. Groups are small and capped at a maximum of 8 places.

What do I bring?
Swimwear, hat, googles, towels and toiletries are all that are required. Swimtastic provide any additional swimming materials needed.
We provide you with full instruction on how to prepare before you start, so don’t worry, it’s nice and easy.

Course Breakdown
Each course consists of 7 weekly sessions. Sometimes the 7 weeks are broken by breaks for holidays.
We run 5 courses (5 terms) per calendar year.

Follow on Courses
At the end of each term, students will be offered priority places via email in the following term you are progressing into before bookings open to the public - These offers stay active for up to 7 days during which time you can secure your place through your user account.

After completing a course a personalised certificate of completion for the attending swimmer can be accessed and downloaded from your swimtastic user account.

Booking Information

Booking Information
If you are a new customer you will be setting up your own online Swimtastic User Account. In your account you can book and pay for your course. 

Your Digital Account
Once your account is created you can also use it to see course attendance, teacher comments and notes, view your progression, purchase history, certificates and so much more.

It becomes your swim journey in your hand! Use it to see;

  • Upcoming lessons
  • Lessons attended
  • Assessment goals
  • Course History
  • Reports & Awards
  • Certificates
  • Receipts
  • Online Re-enrolment
  • Available 24 / 7

Adult Water Confidence

An introduction to water entry and basic movements in shallow water for those that are nervous and/or fearful. Overcoming anxiety and achieving comfort and confidence is the primary objective before moving forward into basic independent movement. We begin by establishing an understanding of safety and aqua basics in and around water, while gently developing confidence at a gradual pace.

  • Techniques to overcome fear / anxiety
  • Comfortable water entry & exit
  • Water safety fundamentals
  • Deconstructing misconceptions and learning water facts
  • Feeling comfortable & confident in water
  • First movements
  • Supported flotation
  • Supported body positions
  • Comfort with water on face
  • Introduction to breathing for swimming
  • Preparation for swimming lessons

Graduates whom now want to learn-to-swim can choose to move onto Level 1 of our Adult Swimming Course - the start of your journey in learning how to swim

What do our customers say?

I couldn't recommend Swimtastic highly enough for the adult learner classes. I started off a nervous beginner and somehow Zuzana and Elaine managed to teach me so well - with patience and support. I now have confidence in the water that I never thought I could have. Classes are fun and relaxed and I'm looking forward to the next term already.

Deirdre McCarthy, Rathvilly

I really enjoyed the classes with Zuzana and Donnagh. They explained the movements necessary in such a simplistic way. Every question was fully addressed, and they made sure you fully understood the answer before moving on with the class. It was a relaxed and enjoyable experience with very patient instructors. An excellent learn to swim programme from Swimtastic.

Sheila McDonnell, Rathoe

After 25 years of avoiding the pool, the sea and sitting looking at others swimming and enjoying the water - I am now totally delighted to say that I am a swimmer. That is thanks to Swimtastic. I was extremely nervous and embarrassed, but they were so patient and encouraging. I moved into the learn to swim programme and now I enjoy 2 swims a week. Don't let your fears hold you back!

Phillip Cox, Portlaoise

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All our courses have been professionally and especially designed by the Swimtastic team. Our courses have the approval of our affiliates; Swim Ireland, STA (UK) and Birthlight.

A family swim club

At Swimtastic we pride ourselves on providing swimming programmes for all ages and abilities.