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Adult Swimming Courses

Adult beginners and improvers ages 18+

Whether a complete beginner or looking to improve, we’ll help build your comfort, confidence, skills, and technique.

Did you miss out on swimming skills at school? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the benefits and fun of aquatic activities? Perhaps it’s a gap you want to fill or a fear you need to conquer. Whatever your age, we will help you on to embrace the world of water.

If you already have some basic skills but need support and direction to level up and improve your technique then these courses are also for you. 

Regardless of your level, we can help. Join us and see how easy it is to develop your swimming confidence and ability.

Learn with Swimtastic

Overall Well Being
Its official - One of the best ways to keep fit is to swim for only 30 mins three times per week along with a healthy diet & lifestyle.

Great cardio that reduces the risk of illness
A gentle 30-minute swim can burn 200 calories - double that of walking - which is a great workout that also helps guard against illnesses including heart conditions, strokes and type 2 diabetes.

Physical Health
Improve your co-ordination, flexibility and posture. Water resistance helps increases strength & toning.  Small amounts of swimming can increase your metabolic rate and provide a natural energy boost.

Mental Health
Reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. Simply being in the water can help with relaxation. Being active has a positive effect on your mental health, improving your mood and self-esteem.

Swimming is sociable. It’s great fun to get out and about, active and meet new people, friends and family

Grow skills and confidence weekly
We build skills week on week. You’ll become confident anywhere - pools, beaches rivers, lakes and maybe even the sea!

Support at Every Step
Don’t worry if you’re nervous or have no experience. We’ve helped hundreds just like you. Our renowned, highly qualified and super friendly teachers are always with you in the pool.

A Family Swim Club
With courses for all the family, we know all our swimmers well. Your enjoyment is the heart of what we do.

What's Involved...

Classes are relaxed and designed to get you swimming at a pace that suits you. Our teachers are patient and supportive.

We use professional course plans which are specific to your abilities and level. Groups are small and intimate, with a maximum of nine places.

At the pool
Each weekly session lasts 45 minutes but please allow time in your schedule for changing before and after. Groups are small and capped at a maximum of 8 places.

What do I bring?
Swimwear, hat, googles, towels and toiletries are all that are required.
Swimtastic provide any additional swimming materials needed.
We provide you with full instruction on how to prepare before you start, so don’t worry, it’s nice and easy.

Course Breakdown
Each course consists of 7 weekly sessions. Sometimes the 7 weeks are broken by breaks for holidays.
We run 5 courses (5 terms) per calendar year.

Follow on Courses
At the end of each term, swimmers will be offered priority places via email in the following term you are progressing into before bookings open to the public - These offers stay active for up to 7 days during which time you can secure your place through your user account. 

After completing a course a personalised certificate of completion for the attending swimmer can be accessed and downloaded from your swimtastic user account.

Booking Information

Swimtastic User Account If you are a new customer we will ask you to set up a user account. A user account is necessary to book a course. Once created you can use it to see course attendance and progression, purchase history, certificates and more.

When booking a new course we will collect all the details of those attending the course. 

Booking more than 1 course
It’s easy book more than one course. Just go through the process and after you add a course to your cart, you’ll be asked if you’d like to book another.

Follow on Course Offers 
To avail of a priority place offer in the next term you must book it through your user account within the specified time to secure your place.

Adult Swimming Courses - Levels & Skills

Our Adult Swimming courses have a series of levels that broadly define a swimmers ability from compete novice to proficient swimmer. 

The programme skills and abilities our teachers check for at each level can be found under 'learn more’ below. You can also use the bullets under each level to gauge your own level when joining. Skill level checks are important as they ensure that a student can engage with the course level content confidently and safely.

Adult Level 1  - This level is an introduction to the aquatic environment for nervous and complete non–swimmers. The goal is to establish an understanding of safety and swim basics in and around water. You will develop your water confidence and we will encourage and support independent movement. This class is held mostly in shallow water with no introduction to deep water.

Adult Level 2 - This level is for those that don’t have a fear of the water but have very limited experience or may not have been successful at lessons before. The class is held mostly in shallow water with a limited introduction to deep water. You will learn correct breathing, and full body submerging. You will gain the confidence to float on your front and back with and without aids.

Adult Level 3 - This course is for students that have successfully completed Adult Beginner Level 2 or new students who are able to submerge underwater and who already understand basic aquatic breathing. The goal is to further develop core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids and develop basic stroke technique.   

Adult Level 4 - This course is for students that are already swimming 20 metres of front crawl and have an elementary back stroke. The focus is to build technique, timing, distances and a broader set of aquatic skills.

Adult Level 5 - This course is for students that have successfully completed Adult Level 4 or new students who are looking to refine their front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke, and introduction to butterfly. We will teach you to “distance swim” whilst maintaining correct and consistent technique.    

Adult Level 6 - This level is for those that have successfully completed Adult Level 5 or new students looking to achieve advanced front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke, and refine butterfly. The focus of this course is to improve the quality of your stroke technique and guide you to becoming a strong lane distance swimmer with a full understanding of Lane Swimming etiquette and rules.

What do our customers say?

I couldn't recommend Swimtastic highly enough for the adult learner classes. I started off a nervous beginner and somehow Zuzana and Elaine managed to teach me so well - with patience and support. I now have confidence in the water that I never thought I could have. Classes are fun and relaxed and I'm looking forward to the next term already.

Deirdre McCarthy, Rathvilly

At the outset, I could swim but struggled with my breathing and strokes. I enjoy swimming every week, so I wanted to improve so that I could get more out of pool visits. My teacher was Elaine, and she was great. My technique has improved a lot. I can breathe well when swimming multiple strokes, and I’ve met some lovely people.

Pat Gorman, Portlaoise

I really enjoyed the classes with Zuzana and Donnagh. They explained the movements necessary in such a simplistic way. Every question was fully addressed, and they made sure you fully understood the answer before moving on with the class. It was a relaxed and enjoyable experience with very patient instructors. An excellent learn to swim programme from Swimtastic.

Sheila McDonnell, Rathoe

Would highly recommend their Adult classes. Instructors were great - very patient and easy to work with. The lessons were great fun and supportive! I learned lots and my technique, breathing, strokes and stamina have improved. Week by week progression and I never felt pressurised or stressed. I’d recommend Swimtastic’s Adult programme to anyone no matter how nervous.

Sarah Tallon, Kilkenny

I would recommend swimtastic to anyone of any age, who wants to learn to swim. Zuzana, Donnagh, Edel and Elaine are fantastic teachers. Kind, considerate helpful and understanding loads of patience Thank you girls. Mary and Jim - we’ve really enjoyed your courses and thank you for your support. We now have way much more confidence and look forward to going swimming.

Mary & Jim Byrne, Tullow

A recent self-taught swimmer I tentatively joined the advanced swimming sessions. From day one I was positively encouraged and directed. All aspects are considered- improving stroke and technique, improving fitness, additional tips and tricks I'd never have known. I cannot recommend Swimtastic and the team HIGHLY enough. I might have been bitten by the swim bug......Thanks Zuzanna, Elaine and all the team xx

Noelle Lazenby, Athy

Need to know more?


All our courses have been professionally and especially designed by the Swimtastic team. Our courses have the approval of our affiliates; Swim Ireland, STA (UK) and Birthlight.

A family swim club

At Swimtastic we pride ourselves on providing swimming programmes for all ages and abilities.