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Parent & Baby Swimming

For parents with babies aged 3 to 12 months

Introducing your baby to the the water at such a young age nurtures a natural confidence and enjoyment that will last a lifetime.

Swimming is fun, social and can be enjoyed at any age. Our Parent and baby courses develop a child’s water confidence and skills from the earliest age.

This course is for parents with the youngest and smallest of our swimmers. We keep the ages of our youngest swimmers similar, so that size, awareness and ability are similar to the other mini-students.

These courses aren’t like casual baby swimming sessions. We keep things fun and age appropriate with a healthy focus on weekly progression.

Learn with Swimtastic

Water Safety
Knowing the water from the earliest of ages means peace of mind for you and a lifelong gift for them. 

Parent and baby swimming provides a one-to-one quality bonding experience away from the noise of everyday life.

Socialising & Active Fun
Make friends with children and parents! Songs and toys make learning fun. Moving in water also provides a light workout for you.

Healthy Little Bodies & Minds 
Developing sensory, cognitive, and physical abilities. We are an approved Aqua Sensory school.

We build both you and your child’s confidence at a comfortable pace in pools that are temperature controlled, ideal for babies and toddlers.

Weekly Growth 
Each week we introduce something new to encourage learning, development, and comfort for both baby and parent. 

Support at Every Step 
Don’t worry if you have no swim experience. Our highly qualified teachers are with you in the pool, guiding you all the way. 

A Family Swim Club 
Our mission is to encourage swimming, no matter the age or ability. Join us for personable, friendly, swimming tuition for all members of your family.

What's Involved...

Classes involve play activities and song, in sequence using toys and props. They’re fun and light-hearted, but professionally designed to develop your little one’s water confidence and skills. 

At the pool
Each weekly session lasts 30 minutes but allow time in your schedule for changing before and after.
Groups are small and capped at 9 parent and child couples.
After your 30-minute session – we ask parent and child couples to vacate the pool to accommodate the next group.

What do I bring?
Swimwear for parent and baby is all that is required. We provide all additional materials and toys. We provide you with a full list of how to prepare well in advance.

Course Breakdown
Each course consists of 9 weekly sessions. Sometimes the 9 weeks are broken by breaks for holidays.
We run 4 courses (4 terms) per calendar year

Follow on Courses
At the end of each term, swimmers will be offered priority places in the following term you are progressing into before bookings open to the public. These offers stay active for 2-5 days during which time you can secure your place through your user account. 

After completing a course a personalised certificate of completion for the little swimmer can be accessed and downloaded from your swimtastic user account.

Booking Information

Swimtastic User Account 
If you are a new customer, we will ask you to set up a user account. A user account is necessary to book a course. Once created you can use it to see course attendance and progression, purchase history, certificates and more.

When booking a new course, we will collect all the details of those attending the course. 

Booking more than 1 course
It’s easy book more than one course. Just go through the process and after you add a course to your cart, you’ll be asked if you’d like to book another.

Follow on Course Offers 
To avail of a priority place offer in the next term you must book it through your user account within the specified time to secure your place.


Swimtastic’s Parent & Baby Curriculum

We encourage and support the parent to work baby into swimming positions, helping them to use their arms and legs, reaching and moving towards toys. We’ll gently introduce the role of the teacher and ease the parent and baby into the group environment. We’ll build trust and confidence in the teacher and then move on to:

  • Building floating ability
  • Strengthening their arms, legs, and core.
  • Develop sensory awareness.
  • Introduce word-based cues to help them develop their understanding of breathing and timing.
  • Progress towards underwater swims for babies that are ready to engage their natural reflexes and breathing.
  • Progress confidence, safety skills and comfort level

Courses Available for Parent & Baby:
Baby Level 1 - the very first stage for beginners.
Baby Level 2 - follow on course to build on level 1.
Baby Level 3 - final baby course preparing for toddler levels.

As skills build with each level of the curriculum it is important that each little student has met certain criteria so that he or she can progress to the next course level safely.

What do our customers say?

My little boy Tom and I have enjoyed Swimtastic for 5 years now. Tom began with when he was just 2. Then, I began the Adult programme. All their teachers are brilliant, professional, and very friendly. The atmosphere is fun, and we learn so much each term. We now swim together as a family. I can’t say enough good about Swimtastic.

Kay, Francis and Tom Gorman, Portlaoise

Myself & my 8-month-old daughter Grace have completed our second term with Swimtastic and cannot recommend them enough. The teachers are excellent and make the babies (and the mammies & daddies) feel so comfortable and confident. I have really seen an improvement with Grace and will be sticking with Swimtastic. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

Orlaith Walsh and Grace, Carlow

This is our fourth year with Swimtastic, and Chloe’s water skills have improved so much as a result. She just wants to know when she is going swimming again. Sue and Amanda work brilliantly with the kids. Nothing is forced, just easy going and great fun. I would recommend these classes to everyone. From day one, a great experience all round.

Stephen Lennon with Chloe, Kildare

Need to know more?


All our courses have been professionally and especially designed by the Swimtastic team. Our courses have the approval of our affiliates; Swim Ireland, STA (UK) and Birthlight.

A family swim club

At Swimtastic we pride ourselves on providing swimming programmes for all ages and abilities.