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Pregnancy Aqua Yoga

Especially for expectant mums from week 12 onwards

A unique ‘me-time’ experience for expectant mums, specially designed to relax and relieve the stresses and strains of pregnancy while preparing body and mind for birth

Pregnancy Aqua yoga is not simply yoga performed in water. It is a programme specially designed by Birthlight™ to support the physical and mental wellbeing of expectant mum’s by combining easy-to-perform yoga exercises adapted for water, with guided breathing and relaxation techniques. In small groups, we go through exercises that relieve, relax, and help prepare for childbirth. Everything happens in the shallow end and no previous yoga experience or swimming skills are necessary.


Learn with Swimtastic

The course designers - Birthlight™ is a teacher-training organisation focusing on the holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood. With 20 years’ experience, “mothering the mother” is at the heart of what ‘Birthlight™’ is about, helping women approach pregnancy and birth with support and confidence.

For Relief
Through the buoyancy only possible in water, expectant mums enjoy a newfound freedom and range of movement. Weightlessness helps to relieve stresses on muscles and joints while hydrostatic pressure can reduce swelling and improve circulation. Water activities are often used help to ease lower back/pelvic strain and pain.

For Relaxation
After taking the weight off one’s feet, stretching, simple yoga postures and floating are combined with guided breathing and mindfulness to encourage deep rest and relaxation. So many of our mum’s comment on their appreciation of the experience and the improvement in the quality of their sleep.

For Preparation
Building week on week, we prepare for birth through practicing and improving breathing, opening the pelvis and strengthening abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. We use deep breathing to help the placenta develop through oxygen intake.

For Breathing
This is a huge aspect of aqua yoga. Deep controlled breathing is great for baby’s development but also great for mum as it aids deep relaxation and mindfulness. We also introduce techniques to help prepare for labour and childbirth.

For Strength
We use the natural resistance of moving through water to help develop coordination and balance and we exercise to strengthen focus areas, such as the hips, and pelvic floor, creating more space for baby. Stronger muscles also help with post-natal recovery.

For Bonding
So many expectant mums’ comment on the sensation of their deep connection to baby when floating in water. When so deeply unburdened, relaxed and mindful, we can truly appreciate the sense of being pregnant and focus on how baby is growing and the changes that happen each week. Many Mum's comment on how special the experience can be.

With In-Pool Focused Support
Your Birthlight™ instructor stays in the water during class, providing hands on expertise, support and encouragement while getting to know all expectant mums’ week on week. Course guidance is tailored to each mums’ specific trimester, comfort, and ability.

Be Amongst Peers
A small group experiencing pregnancy together is naturally supportive and caring. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and it’s a great way to share experiences with other mums-to-be.

What's Involved...

The instructor will gently introduce new yoga, relaxation and stretching positions. They follow a carefully prepared course plan designed to ease you into the process, progressing week on week. Classes are small and capped at nine spaces.

Stretching, breathing, relaxing, working important muscles, calming the body and mind. It’s enjoyable, peaceful, rewarding and satisfying.

At the pool
Each weekly session lasts 45 minutes but please allow time in your schedule for changing before and after.
Groups are small and capped at a maximum of 9 places.

What do I bring?
Swimwear, towels and toiletries are all that are required – bring water for hydration.
Swimtastic provide any additional swimming materials needed.
We provide you with full instruction on how to prepare before you start, so don’t worry, it’s nice and easy.

Course Breakdown
Each course consists of between 7 and 10 weekly sessions. Sometimes the courses are broken by breaks for holidays.
We run 4 courses (4 terms) per calendar year.

When completed, a personalised Mum & Me certificate can be downloaded from your swimtastic user account.

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Pregnancy Aqua Yoga Courses

This is a non progressive programme where expectant mums learn to truly appreciate the support and relaxation deep water offers. As bodies feel virtually weightless in water, movements and stretches that might not be otherwise possible can be achieved without strain. We combine this with guided breathing and relaxation techniques. 

This course is suitable for all expectant mothers and does not require any particular level of fitness or yoga experience. 

  • Appreciating Weightlessness
  • Buoyancy stretching with floats.
  • Buoyancy relaxation with floats.
  • Guided Breathing.
  • Guided Mindfulness.
  • Pregnancy Appropriate Exercise

What do our customers say?

I had the most fantastic 7-week course. Zuzana was an amazing instructor and I really felt at ease with her in the water. She was always pleasant and friendly and explained everything really well. I had a great night’s sleep every night after the classes as the relaxation at the end was lovely. Now I’m looking forward to the infant classes.

Eimear O’ Keeffe, Tullamore

I just finished my course of Ante Natal yoga with Swimtastic and I’m so glad I did it. Zuzana was amazing, and the classes were so relaxing and fun at the same time. Also, they were never the same, so you don’t get bored. I’m looking forward to going back, but this time it will be with my little one!

Asta Dalisanskyte, Tullow

I loved every minute of the aqua natal yoga classes in Portlaoise. It was lovely to have that time to focus on me and the baby and to enjoy the weightlessness and support of the water. Zuzana was so friendly, welcoming and helpful. I can’t wait to do another course with Swimtastic. Thank you from Niamh in Portlaoise.

Niamh Robinson, Portlaoise

Really enjoyed pregnancy yoga. It was something to look forward to and gave me some peace of mind amid a difficult pregnancy when I had to give up other forms of exercise. It was great having the chats with other expectant mothers and lovely to feel weightless in the water! I look forward to more with this fabulous crew, this time with my baby.

Edwina Grace, Kilkenny

I attended the pregnancy Yoga classes which were fantastic. I felt so comfortable in the class and Zuzana let us all go at our own pace, plus I slept like a baby afterwards which was great as I was having problems sleeping. All the instructors are fantastic. I will definitely be attending the baby swimming when I give birth.

Sonia Moran, Tullow

I loved every minute of the Pregnancy Yoga classes in Portlaoise. Lovely to have that time to focus on me and the baby and to enjoy the support of the water. My instructor was so friendly and welcoming and helpful. I feel I got a lot out of the class, and I can’t wait to do another course with Swimtastic.

Niamh Mongey Robinson, Portlaoise

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